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Real Artist Symposium

The Real Artist Symposium, a gathering of highly intelligent, emotionally giving, super creative artists make up this group. They own their own masters and have collectively and individually given me the chance to introduce and expose them to you.

There are new songs from me (Roberta) and several fabulous tracks with great melodies and lyrics from the rest of the members of the Symposium including:

Also, there's a jamming Reggae-Calypso tinged tune with two of my friends from Barbados, Nicolas Brancker and Arturo Tappin.

Currently, other members of the Symposium are Shelton Becton, Morris Pleasure and Andre Smith, all of whom are represented on the Real Artist Symposium. I'm deliberately teasing you. This music is so good and so much fun.

Check us out. - Roberta & R.A.S.