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The Roberta Flack Foundation

Roberta Flack is not just “an elegant and legendary vocal superstar” (Amazon). She is also a dedicated humanitarian, educational activist and social conscience who established her Roberta Flack Foundation to support aspiring creatives and causes she cares about.

In July 2019, Flack presented the Foundation’s grants to: Shelectricity, a first-of-its kind, digitally-enabled ecosystem to empower adolescent girls of color in the U.S. to reach their full potential and thrive; and educator/filmmaker Carol Swainson to create a film to help white parents teach their children to interrupt the racial narrative that is often found in our music and other media.

Shelectricity brings together technology, culture, and community to create safe and nurturing online and in-person environments for girls to learn, grow, innovate and lead. It will design, build, and launch programs in its first three hub cities – Oakland, Los Angeles, and Memphis. Its founder, Anasa Troutman, says, “It is my highest aspiration that our girls continue to grow into the kind of women that Ms. Flack is: wildly creative, deeply compassionate and intimately involved in the creation of culture with an impact that will reverberate for generations to come.”.

Carol Swainson, was Head of School at San Francisco Schoolhouse, and has more than 25 years of experience as an educator and leader at a broad range of independent schools in Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and Oakland. She and her husband founded and ran the International Peace and Art Center, which promotes peace and social justice through the arts.

As a young girl, Flack experienced the support her foundation aims to foster. Growing up in rural Black Mountain, North Carolina, she was mentored by her family, teachers, church members, choir directors and many others that helped her realize and actualize her talents and dreams. She has never forgotten these people and always maintained the importance of nurturing young people to realize their dreams through education and mentorship, the cornerstone of The Roberta Flack Foundation.

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